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Safety First was Never More Timely

Posted on 24th December, 2012

In the whirl wind of buying a first home, we’re solely focused on the final shiny product (and so we should be). But it’s important to think about how your new townhouse or condominium got to this point. We’re not getting introspective here, but rather inviting you to consider the conditions in which your new home was built. You care because these conditions influence the price and quality of the biggest purchase of your life.

The Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board claims that Saskatchewan has the second highest incident rate of onsite accidents in Canada; the homebuilder industry isn’t insulated from this statistic.

RNF Ventures Ltd., a general contractor for Glencoe Developments, has taken impressive steps to reverse this trend. They’ve developed a leading Site Compliance Rate program that tangibly measures safety levels on a construction site. Their incentive program rewards general contracting teams, which in turn, builds a better product for you.

“Higher onsite accidents result in higher home prices,” explains Keith Bird, Health & Safety Manager at RNF Ventures Ltd. “The more WCB claims an employer has, the higher their premiums climb, which are recovered by passing the additional cost onto the customer. A homebuilder, who values strong onsite safety, is saving you money on your home.”

Higher incidence rates can also reduce the quality of the construction process.

“We’ve seen it first hand: consistency within a trade’s team results in higher quality craftsmanship,” says Ashley McGrath, President at Glencoe Developments Inc. “When onsite accidents are higher, work crews are weakened and by default, uniformity drops affecting overall quality.”

Ultimately, it feels good to know that your homebuilder has fostered a healthy community during the construction of your townhouse or condo, like the one you will soon call home.

So ensuring your homebuilder values the highest onsite safety standards is ensuring the best price, highest quality and heart of your home. Peace of mind was never more timely.

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